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Top Ten Reasons Waitlisting on Duck9 is Ok

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Top Ten Reasons Getting Waitlisted is OK


** password to change anything is "fico750" **


10.  Its FREE and you don't ever have to pay a $29.95 membership fee

9.  A hot assistant named Larry that you can bug on his cell phone, 650 283 8008

8.  Dealing with life's credit torpedos before they happen

7. Avoid being a cliche animal found in the credit kingdom (ostrich, butterfly, pigeon, elephant, porcupine)

6.  Things you learn here are infectious and put you in the 99th percentile of credit scores

5.  Your secret society is a community scheme that is hilarious cuz its so easy

4. Avoid the urban myths of credit

3.  A FICO of 750 allows you to live rent-free when you're 24 or 26

2. Fun parties (err not)

1.  Month to month guidance of your credit report is like a license to write up a perfect college transcript of credit history/behavior



duck9er - anonymous pages where you can share, read and relate to others. 

** password to change anything is "fico750" **



lincoln \ illinois \ 62656

Cell phone number: 217-737-xxxx

Cell carrier: att


How will you use Duck9.com: First boost my credit score

How did you hear about Duck9: Web article

Summary Table of FICO progress.  Current status OSTRICH

Number of Months having made an on-time payment (goal is 24 effen months in-a-row) 00001
Posses a credit card in your own name? yes / no
Have you run your credit report download and mail this   yes / no
Have you take a digital pic (with private info blacked out) and posted it below?  yes / no
 Last time you emailed or text messaged back your secret duck chiang9@duck9.com (i.e. your assistant that helps you hack your credit score at duck9  November 29, 2007


Remember, if you forget to charge something that month, write a check for $25 and pay the credit card company (secret #22) anyway.  You cannot do an electronic payment.  You must write a check.

** Summary Table of FICO progress END **



** Debt Summary **

Credit Card Bank #1: capital one

Interest Rate Bank #1: 27%

Balance Bank #1: 2850


Credit Card Bank #2: providian

Interest Rate Bank #2: 12.9%

Balance Bank #2: 1850


Credit Card Bank #3: merrick

Interest Rate Bank #3: 21.9%

Balance Bank #3: 560

** Debt Summary END **


Message Center:



type your question here


Text message 650 566 9600




Duck9 is about starting and staying debt free as a college student




Step 1: View the photo album of how duck9 works

  • In short, it's a program that guides you to a FICO of 750 to keep you debt free.


Step 2: Use wiki pages to share tips, strategies, techniques and ideas

  • see example pages here 

Step 3: Get on your path to a FICO of 750

  • Text message 650 566 9600 your credit card due date



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