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duck9er - anonymous pages where you can share, read and relate to others. 

** password to change anything is "fico750" **


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Cell carrier: att

Cell billing due date: 9th


How will you use Duck9.com: First boost my credit score

How did you hear about Duck9: Web article



Summary Table of FICO progress.  Current status OSTRICH

Number of Months having made an on-time payment (goal is 24 effen months in-a-row to get to 750) 00001
Possess a credit card in your own name? yes / no
Have you run your credit report download and mail this  (NOTE: FreeCreditReport isn't free- it's a scam: see credit tip #71)  yes / no
Have you taken a digital pic (with private info blacked out) and posted it below?  yes / no
 Last time you emailed or text messaged back your secret duck chiang9@duck9.com (i.e. your assistant that helps you hack your credit score at duck9  November 29, 2007


Remember, if you forget to charge something that month, write a check for $25 and pay the credit card company (secret #22) anyway.  You cannot do an electronic payment.  You must write a check.

** Summary Table of FICO progress END **



** Debt Summary **

Credit Card Bank #1: capital one

Due Date: 5th

Interest Rate Bank #1: 27%

Balance Bank #1: 2850


Credit Card Bank #2: providian

Due Date: 25th

Interest Rate Bank #2: 12.9%

Balance Bank #2: 1850


Credit Card Bank #3: merrick

Due Date: 12th

Interest Rate Bank #3: 21.9%

Balance Bank #3: 560

** Debt Summary END **


Message Center:



type your question here


Text message 650 566 9600




Step 1: Decide you want a FICO of 750. If not leave


Step 2a: View the photo album of how duck9 works here

  • In short, it's a timely two year program that guides you to a FICO of 750 to minimize interest cost.


Step 2b: Use wiki pages to share tips, strategies, techniques and ideas

  • see example pages here


Step 3: Get on your path to a FICO of 750.  Pick one of four.


** password to change any wiki page is "fico750" **


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